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ついに本日、あの世界中を興奮の渦に巻き込んだ人気シリーズの最新作『Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Men Tell No Tales(パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン~最後の海賊~)』がアメリカにて劇場公開が始まりました。6年ぶりの銀幕復活という事で、こちらロサンゼルスでも熱烈なファンの方々を中心に大変な盛り上がりを見せています。

The latest film of Pirates Caribbean series started to be released in the U.S. today. About 6 years has passed since the former one was released, so a lot of fans are very excited by it!



Academy Awards! 世界最大の映画の祭典に行ってみよう。


The 89th Academy Awards ceremony, which is going to be held on the 26th of this month, is attracting much attention all over the world now. You may not know everything regarding the Academy Awards, but the Academy Awards have a lot of interesting facts.