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I participated in filming the promotion video of the game for ESL students, which my acquaintance developed. After filming, I realized that it was crucial for actors to be on time.



The Giving Keys;ただの鍵のアクセサリーが1万円もする感動の理由


様々な言葉が刻印された鍵にチェーンが通されただけというシンプルなデザインながらセレブにも人気の「The Giving Keys」。ロサンゼルスに基盤を置くのネックレスは今やアメリカ中に店舗を構える大型チェーンを始め、400店以上ものギフトショップなどで取り扱われています。発起人はハリウッドの女優さん。

“The Giving Keys” necklaces, whose pendant is a key with an engraved word on the surface, are being sold at more than 400 various gift shops all over the U.S. I’m going to introduce the jewelry brand founded by Caitlin Crosby, who is a singer-songwriter and an actress in Hollywood.