The Creative Process Behind “Moana” w/ Disney Animator Eric Goldberg (感想・雑記)

Fortunately, I was invited to the screening event of “MOANA” and enjoyed the beautiful world of  the new Disney animation film before the audition!! *Don’t worry, there is no spoiler in this article.

今日はディズニーの新作アニメーション映画「MOANA」 (邦題:モアナと伝説の海)のイベントに招待されたので、オーディション前にその世界観を満喫してきました。※ネタバレはありませんのでご安心ください。



The beautiful scenery of the ocean, highlighting the whole movie, and the unique and lovable characters not only attracted me but also evoked my adventurous spirit, then I could have a wonderful time!

After the screening, the Q & A corner with Eric Goldberg, who is an animator in Walt Disney Animation Studios and also deeply involved in “MOANA”, was held. He is a top animator who supervised the creation of “Genie”, which is a spirit of a lamp in the Disney animation film “Aladin”.

He mentioned that it’s important to focus on the way to walk in identifying characters, then I was so impressed to feel that these adorable characters would be born because the Disney animators create them very carefully in every detail.












I was given the cute souvenirs! Thank you so much for the precious opportunity!
By the way, “MOANA” will be released all over The United States on November 23rd, 2016.


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